Consistently different

Keeping regular communications fresh and interesting is something we know all about. We worked on the annual global review for professional services firm EY eight years in a row.

It’s not a plc, so EY isn’t required to disclose pages and pages of financial information. But people still want to know how it’s performing every year.

The annual review takes a broader view of performance. It’s also a vehicle for EY to address big issues that affect the accounting profession as a whole, like quality, transparency and trust.

This is a report that people from all over the world take the time to read. That’s why we recommended treating it more like a magazine. An editorial approach put the emphasis on user experience, providing different levels of information to allow quick reference as well as close scrutiny.

As soon as a report is published, it’s time to start thinking about the next one. Our work for EY shows the value of sharing that challenge. It’s often easier for someone from outside to get excited about starting over, and to get things going too.

Using our position as outsiders with an inside understanding of EY, we helped push the boundaries of its reporting year after year. And all the way through we demonstrated the value of design that hasn’t had the spark audited out of it.

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