Brand advertising

Multi-format, multi-channel

With so many media options available, a strategic and integrated approach to brand advertising has never been more important. Our latest brand campaign for Deutsche Bank shows the value of holistic thinking.

This global campaign is designed to reposition the brand through a dramatic change in what the company says, and how it says it as well. Previously Deutsche Bank only talked about itself. Now it’s showing what it does for others and using real life examples to back that up.

Domestic advertising often depends on wit and wordplay, which may not always travel well. So these ads use simple, powerful and emotive statements that work in multiple languages.

Deutsche is also thinking more broadly about how to engage its global audience. There’s less print and much more digital and social media, as well as targeted billboard advertising in high-profile locations.

These billboard ads at London City and Frankfurt airports provide a brilliant showcase for the brand.

Digital channels not only require different ad formats, the content needs to be rethought for an environment that’s all about immediacy. Abbreviated headlines with added animation work well on sites like

Our flexible, adaptable system enables Deutsche Bank to tell stories in just a few words, or at length. Every ad is supported by a film and website content which provide more context and colour. Crucially, irrespective of the channel or format, message and brand experience are always the same.

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