Back to the future.

We all have history, but it needs to be handled with care in brand identity.

Deutsche Bank

We are one.

Over time, as businesses expand and diversify, it’s easy for identity to become tangled and complex.

  • Our brand and visual identity for Deutsche unifies the bank, capturing a unique sense of self and providing a universal visual system.

  • We liberated the iconic Stankowski-designed logo from endless lockups, giving it back its authority and independence.

  • Before, every part of the group had its own interpretation of the Deutsche brand. Today, there’s one system that works for everyone, everywhere.

  • Now embedded worldwide, our identity continues to prove its flexibility, relevance and value across every kind of communication.

Hogan Lovells

Thinking around corners.

Five years post-merger, one of the world’s biggest law firms wanted a bold new identity.


Big four, eight years running.

EY knows about financial reporting. And while it’s not a plc, it still has an audience that wants to know how it’s performing.


Digital is great, sometimes.

But people still love printed magazines and newspapers.